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Archimedes Nix and the Lost Tablet of Gi
NEW!...Archimedes Nix and the Lost Tablet of Gilgamesh

As for man, his days are numbered...

The thrilling tale of eleven year old Archie Nix and his quest to recover a mysterious tablet before it falls into the hands of the one person determined to unleash its devastating powers!

A dizzying overseas adventure about magic, espionage, and the power of friendship to cross borders and bridge seemingly impossible cultural divides.

Rules for My Unborn Son

Boys need rules! One man's instructions for raising a thoughtful, adventurous, honest, hardworking, self-reliant, well-dressed, well-read, well-mannered young gentleman.​

Rules for My Newborn Daughter


One dad’s advice for raising an independent, intelligent,

courteous, courageous, honest, adventurous, self-reliant, well-read, well-dressed, well-mannered young woman.

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